Modelling of continuous plate on beams

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Anders S
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Modelling of continuous plate on beams

Postby Anders S » 08 Feb 2017, 09:10


I have a question concerning how to model a quay structure where we have a continuous concrete slab with crossbeams that connects to three main beams. The deck is supposed to transfer the loads to the cossbeams whom transfer the loads the main beams. The crossbeams are 1200 mm high (from the top of the deck) and the slab is 400 mm. The deck crossbeams and slab is similar to a T-crossection.

How should I modell the slab and crossbeams to be able to get accurate results för Min. moment in the crossbeams and deck?

At the moment I use bar elements as crossbeams that are 1200 mm hich and 800 mm wide and then a continuous slab of 400 mm (I use eccentricity in my calculations as well). Is it a better idea to use bar elements that are 800 mm high (1200 mm - 400 mm) with a continuous plate of 400 mm on top of this?

Or use the bar elements 1200 mm high and plate of 400 mm in between with fixed boundary end connection to each crossbeam (so that the slab isn´t continuous over the beams)?

Thank you in advance!

//Anders S

Strusoft Hanif
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Re: Modelling of continuous plate on beams

Postby Strusoft Hanif » 16 Feb 2017, 15:07

Hi Anders,

We do not recommend to use eccentric slab. If you want to use slab, then everywhere centric slab should be used. If it is down-standing beam, then why eccentric beam is not used? Using eccentric, it will get better results.


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