FEM-Design 16 is released

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FEM-Design 16 is released

Postby StruSoft Iwona Budny » 06 Jan 2017, 11:33

FEM-Design 16 is now officially released and all our customers with a valid subscription can now upgrade the program.

FEM-Design 16 includes some changes into existing functionality, as well as many new features. Most of the new features are listed below, and the full list of changes along with a detailed description can be found in the FEM-Design 16 New Features Guide. Majority of the features can be also seen in the New Features Videos.

User interface:
- orbit around snapped point
- no snap to objects and no snap to hidden objects
- view name is displayed

- lock numbering
- pick and copy properties
- color schema

- user defined end conditions in corbel
- edge connections can be hidden
- auto supports at cover and building cover

- deviation load for load cases
- leading temporary load case in load group
- new types of SLS combinations

- deflection check for bars
- local / global stability shape
- data preparation is improved

RC Design:
- RC shell reinforcement layer follows the selected result

Steel and Timber Design:
- auto design for limited utilization
- section class dependent options at design
- LTB calculations according to general case
- interaction factors according to Method 1
- save / load bar design parameters

- load case results shown for user defined limit state
- automatic min / max numeric values
- crack width results color code
- reading results files has been speeded up

- listing point support coordinates

- Romanian national annex
- resaisable message window
- resaizable Filter dialog
- struxml available in 3D Frame
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