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Here we will try to give you an overview of some of the new fetures implemented in FEM-Design new releases. However, not every single function will be listed here - for this we still recomend checking the releae notes and the new features guides.
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Deflection check

Postby StruSoft Iwona Budny » 09 Feb 2017, 10:11

FEM-Design 16.00.002

Deflection check was already introduced in FEM-Design 16.00.001 however, some significant improvements have been introduced in the first service pack.


---- > Check the video presentation of the Deflection Check.
---- > For more information about the Deflection Check feature, please check the New Features Guide.

Here is the list of improvements

1. Deflection of columns can be checked now.
In Deflection length dialog, Beams and Column are now separated, and the deflection limits and behaviour can be set separately for them. Deflection in case of columns = difference of the translation of the top and bottom points of the column in the horizontal plane.


2. Deflection can be checked for load groups.
In Check dialog, now one can choose between calculations based on load combinations or load groups.


3. Deflection results are now shown in Utilization table
Upon pressing Check, the Results are summarized in an Utilization table.


4. It is now possible to list the deflection results.
Under the analysis results, deflection check results can be listed for load combinations, max of load combinations and load groups.


For example:

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