Here you can learn about some of the new fetures implemented in FEM-Design

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Here we will try to give you an overview of some of the new fetures implemented in FEM-Design new releases. However, not every single function will be listed here - for this we still recomend checking the releae notes and the new features guides.
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Postby StruSoft Iwona Budny » 09 Feb 2017, 14:56

FEM-Design 16.00.002

In the first service release of FEM-Design 16, a new object - Diaphragm will be introduced. With the new Diaphragm object one can model horizontally infinitely rigid regions. The relative horizontal displacement of the finite element nodes inside the diaphragm region will be 0.

Watch a Webinar about the Diaphragm modelling/analysis in FEM-Design:
Webinar in English
Webinar in Danish


---- > Check the video presentation of the Diaphragm.
---- > For more information about the Diaphragm feature, please check the New Features Guide.
---- > Explanation of the theory of Diaphragm.
---- > Calculation considering diaphragms in the Verification Examples Book.

Diaphragm tool can be launched from Structure tab / Modelling tool. The user has to define a region (it can be a plane plate, profiled plate, timber plate or fictitious shell). Finite element nodes inside this region belong to the diaphragm. The diaphragms can only be horizontal.


To consider the diaphragms in the calculation the User needs to check “Apply diaphragms in analysis” option under Calculate dialog.


- The diaphragms have to be horizontal.
- The support elements and 3D soil elements are not able to connect to a diaphragm because according to the mechanical behaviour it does not make any sense.
- Eccentricities of plates or bars laying in plane of diaphragm will be ignored during diaphragm calculations.
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