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Here we will try to give you an overview of some of the new fetures implemented in FEM-Design new releases. However, not every single function will be listed here - for this we still recomend checking the releae notes and the new features guides.
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Load comment

Postby StruSoft Iwona Budny » 10 May 2017, 10:23

FEM-Design 16.00.004

Since this service version of FEM-Design, it is possible to add comments to loads. This has been requested by many of the FD users, so here it is:


---- > Check the video presentation of the Load comment feature

Each load type and the Mass has now an option to add a Comment.

The Comment field is placed in the Default settings of:
- Point load
- LIne load
- Surface load
- Line temperature variation load
- Surface temperature variation load
- Line stress load
- Surface stress load
- Point support motion load
- Line support motion load
- Surface support motion load
- Mass


Important: since this version it is also possible to edit the loads generated by Macro (wind load, snow load, deviation load) so one can add a comment to those using the Properties dialog in Point load (for deviation)| Line load (for wind) | Surface load (for snow).

The comment appears in the Tooltip.


The comment appears in List.


The comment appears in the Filter.


Display of the comment can be set in the Setting / Load | Mass / Display.

'Display comment' option is checked by default.

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