FEM-Design 14 is released

Dec 16  |  2014

All our customers with valid subscription can now upgrade the program. As usually, all the new features and changes in existing functionality are described in details in the "New features" document available in the program (Help --> New features).

Here is a list of the most important features and changes that have been introduced in FEM-Design 14:

  • FD 14 is now a full 64-bit software.
  • The list dialog improved in several ways (elements shown in the list can now be filtered, the list can now be send to documentation and Excel file).
  • In RC design the User has the possibility to place single layer surface reinforcement. 
  • A new object, the Fictitious shell is added to the Structure tab.
  • Detailed result for line support group reaction and connection forces are now available.
  • In FD 14 local stability results (Overturning of walls and Sliding) can be displayed.
  • In Material settings dialog different creep coefficients can be specified for Serviceability Limit State (SLS) and Ultimate Limit State (ULS).
  • In Load groups dialog the User has the opportunity to choose one of the combination methods offered by Eurocode 0.
  • The calculation of the load combinations can be run with different options: Non-linear calculation (NL), Cracked-section analysis (CS), Second order analysis (2ND), Imperfection calculation (IS).
  • The graphical performance is increased and more development is expected in future versions. 
  • User interface is improved.