BIMcontact Press Release - April 2016

Apr 27  |  2016





MALMÖ, SWEDEN. Transparency is a prerequisite for improved meetings in construction project groups. When sharing information in the cloud based and platform independent format, collaboration works smoother and shorter lead time is a noticeable result, says Lars Bergqvist, CEO of BIMcontact. An updated version of the digital project tool BIMcontact has just been released in order to facilitate the construction process by synchronizing files and making it possible to study and share information from the 3D model in the browser.


Being pressed for lead time is a recurring problem in the construction industry. Construction project meetings are not always efficient enough due to insufficient information flow. The solution is to digitize, says Lars Bergqvist.
  • When people of different skills come together in the cloud it is considerably easier to run the project and to share information, which shortens the decision-making processes and saves time.


In the Swedish-made web-based tool BIMcontact, meeting rooms are created where project participants are invited. The tool has a function that gives access only to the project group with the purpose of sharing documents, drawings and all information concerning the project is gathered in one place.
  • Meetings take place around the clock and all year round, and, as the work progresses, files are sent and information is shared, all available at an instant.


In the tool Desktop Drive, files are directly synchronized between PC and cloud. A simultaneous exchange gives everyone in the project direct access to the latest version of the document or drawing.


New ways of interacting with the project group 
A completely new version of BIMcontact with a simplified interface and new features has recently been launched. Freedom and proximity are the two key words.
  • We listen to customer demands, one of which is working as boundless as possible. We see several benefits of open formats in cross-platform solutions like IFC.


Therefore, the IFC-viewer is an important part of BIMcontact. The user can view a building model in 3D using a browser tool without having to install a CAD system.
One of the new features is sharing information with the rest of the project group without the need of sending the entire model. A plug-in saves data in a file that contains an image, a screenshot of a detail of the model, as well as text and metadata. When the recipient in the project group opens the file, the recently manipulated part of the model is started and visually points out new tasks, for example adjusting the height of something or answering a question.
A simple question is answered, which, in turn, moves the project forward to the next problem to be solved and ticked off.
  • Problems are solved so much quicker using this innovation. Cooperation in the project group improves and the exchange of experiences between persons of different skills increases. The working process is quicker and valuable time is saved.


BIMcontact also develops mobile applications. The general idea is making it possible to bring the model and documents to the building site and to monitor the project in practice on a phone or a tablet.


For further information, please contact:
BIMcontact AB, Lars Bergqvist, Managing Director
Telephone: +46 (0)733 86 86 13, E-mail:


Facts about BIMcontact
BIMcontact AB develops and sells a web-based cloud services for the construction industry - BIMcontact - for project collaboration, and document management, which is the nervous system of the company's projects and business partnerships. BIMcontact is easy to use and offers users quickly increased efficiency and productivity.
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