FEM-Design 16.00.002 is released. What's new?

Feb 17  |  2017

The first service pack of FEM-Design 16  is now released and all our customers with a valid subscription can now update the program.


FEM-Design 16.00.002 includes some changes into existing functionality and bug fixing, but the major new feature released in this version is Diaphragm modelling tool.


Most of the new features are listed below, and the full list of changes and bug fixes is, as always, available in the Release Notes.


►  Video presentation
►  About Diaphragm
►  Theory behind the Diaphragm
►  Calculation example


  Other new features:
►  Improved Deflection Check
►  Limit available steel joint types
►  Manual load combinations in SJ built-in
►  Reason for no matching SJ solution is displayed
►  Multiselection in manual RC slab / wall design
►  Length and height of the wall is listed



Invitation to a Webinar

We would like to invite you to a free Webinar that will be held on the 1st of March 2017. The topic will be modeling and analysis of prefab structures with Diaphragm tool in FEM-Design.

Sign up for Webinar held in English
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