FEM-Design 17 is Released!

Jan 22  |  2018

We are proud to announce that FEM-Design 17 is now officially released and all our customers with a valid subscription can now upgrade the program.


How to get started?

Download FEM-Design 17 here
All license files have already been updated automatically.



FEM-Design 17 includes significant changes into existing functionality, as well as considerable number of brand new features. The absolute major features of this version are: 

Correct model tool 
Composite bar 
Post tension cables 
Plastic elements 
Shell buckling
Steel joint stiffness
Steel fire design


We encourage you to watch the other videos and read the New Features Guide to get familiar with the remaining development in FEM-Design 17. 

FEM-Design 17 - Improvements
FEM-Design 17 - Minor features
FEM-Design 17 - New Features Guide


Integration with Revit

Please note that in order to integrate FEM-Design 17 with Autodesk Revit 2017 / 2018, it is necessary to download and install the newest version of the StruSoft StruXML Revit-Add-In 1.1.010.