IMPACT Seminar in Dubai - Report

Oct 05  |  2016

On September 21st, StruSoft together with Innovative Concrete Solutions (ICS) where hosting a seminar in Dubai.
The speakers from the event came from different fields of precast, as well as from the American University of Sharjah.


Invited people from the industry listened to presentations about the Precast Software IMPACT and the ICS service offers.


The host Mr Ahmad J.E’wida the founder and Managing Director of Think International FZE, Co-founder of Innovative Concrete Solutions (ICS) FZC in the UAE welcomed everyone and gave an introduction to the speakers at the event.


Mr Peter Karlsson, Business Unit Director of IMPACT, talked about BIM for Precast and described the modern era of combining software and work processes for Precast in a effective way.


Mr. Håkan Johnsson, the Technical Manager of Al Rashid Abetong in Saudi Arabia, talked about his experiences from 14 years with Precast in Saudi Arabia. He showed numerous projects from the area and gave good examples of the variety of precast. He described the essential role IMPACT has played in his daily work and was typically pointing out the gain of the software as a standardization tool for the design departement.


Mr. Anas Al Tamini, a Senior Structural Engineer from Concrete Technology LLC, talked about the advantages they have with the use of IMPACT. In some project he compared the reduction of design time with as much as 50% compared to plain AutoCAD. He also pointed out that IMPACT 3D model enables the user to grasp all the details of the structure.


Photo: Håkan Johnsson, Al Rashid Abetong, is talking. To the left of him Ahmad J.E’wida and Abdel Rahman Jaber from ICS.