New tool: Tekla StruXML Import is released

May 02  |  2016

Tekla StruXML Import Tool is a brand new tool that enables direct communication between FEM-Design and Tekla Structures. The direct data transfer is based on conversion of FEM-Design analysis model transfer into Tekla Structures native objects. FEM-Design analysis model is saved as struxml file type and converted to Tekla native objects in the Tekla StruXML Import tool. The proper sections and materials are assigned to Tekla native objects in the mapping process.   
The Tekla StruXML Import Tool has the following functionality:   
  • importing FEM-Design model to create a new Tekla Structures model,  
  • updating Tekla Structures model with changes made in FEM-Design model after the initial import. 
One can import / update:   
  • selected element(s),  
  • group of elements (e.g. all beams, columns, etc.), 
  • all elements.  
The list of transferred and converted data is as follows:  
  • geometry of FEM-Design analysis model (beams, trusses, columns, plane walls, plane plates),  
  • mapped cross-section of linear members (beams, trusses, columns),  
  • thickness of plane walls and plane plates,  
  • mapped material, 
  • analytical element ID of an object (optional).  
Download Tekla StruXML Import tool.
Download the latest version of Tekla StruXML Import from StruSoft Installer or from FEM-Design Download Center and run the installation file.  When the installation process is completed, Tekla StruXML Import tool will appear under StruSoft folder in the Start menu. Detailed information about the tool functionality can be found in the User Manual.