StruSoft is expanding Engineering Services

Apr 25  |  2018

The StruSoft Group is expanding its Consultancy Engineering Services via StruEngineers, by appointing Stefan Åberg and Fredrik Lagerström to Senior Technical Engineers.


Stefan has had extensive experience in structural engineering for over 35 years. From 1981 until 2002 he was at Skanska AB involved in various concrete, steel and timber projects, as well as being responsible for technical specifications, support and program development of structural engineering programs. Since the start of StruSoft's establishment in 2002, Stefan has been in the forefront of StruSoft's  technical specifications and quality assurance of Structural Engineering programs, while also being the Product Owner of WIN-Statik.


Fredrik's field of expertise is concrete construction and he has been working as a structural engineer for over 8 years before joining StruSoft in 2011. Of those, 3 years as a structural engineer with focus on general construction and 5 years as a precast concrete designer at Strängbetong. During these years, among other projects, he was part of a 2-man design team that designed the Emporia 6-storey parking building, doing all parts from design, general drawings, shop drawings, construction site drawings, 3D modelling and detailing. Since 2011 he has been working at StruSoft with support, developement and education. Now he is the Product Owner of PRE-Stress and he is also designing and developing cloud-based calculation programs.


Their extensive experience and expertise will be very beneficial for providing StruEngineers with state-of-the-art engineering calculations to their international market.


More information about StruEngineers can be found here 


Stefan Aberg
Fredrik Lagerstrom