Tekla StruXML Export 1.1.002 is released

Jul 27  |  2015

A new version of Tekla StruXML Export tool is now available to download from the StruSoft Installer or from a Download Page. The StruXML Tekla Export tool is now compatible with Tekla 21, and brings some improvements in comparison to the previous version.


New features:

1. Tekla wall and Tekla column objects are recognized as walls and columns in FEM-Design (instead of plates and beams as it was so far).

2. Grid system can now be exported along with the analysis model (check Save grids option) and the border between the upper dialogs, and the lower export report dialog can now be modified.

3. Element id (of an analysis part and of a parent object) is displayed for each exported object.

4. Warnings messages are more informative now (mapping issues, areas with points out of plane).

5. Export report tells if the export was successful / unsuccessful, and how many elements have been processed.


Additionally, a new Tekla StruXML Export manual is available, and is accessible from the tool.